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Tile Roofing Certifications & Repair
Tile roof repairs require great skill. Roof tiles change over the years and Allied has a large selection of matching roof tiles. Whether it is a clay tile roof, concrete tile roof, or metal roof tile often repairs are possible and effective.
With a variety of roof tiles from manufacturers like Monier, Eagle, Westile, Allied can make the right repairs to keep your roof system maintained, repaired and in good working condition.
Getting things fixed fast and correct is what we're best at.
Whether your roofing needs are repairs, new installation of low slope, flat, steep, or special request roofing, our expert technicians will provide the highest standard quality of work your home or business commands. Allied uses only the highest quality roofing materials, ensuring a roof that will last for many years.

Roofing Start to Finish
Allied technicians are constantly being trained in the most current techniques and safety practices to ensure our customers are receiving the most advanced services available.
Our staff will also assist in submitting and handling insurance claims (if applicable) for your roof repair.
Allied will help you select the appropriate roof installation or repairs for your home or business at an affordable price.