Allied Contracting & Distribution

Allied a Colorado contractor has been building quality across the United States since 1975. We install and distribute a variety of systems and materials. Our California operation is also equipped with experts to assist with product selection, competitive pricing and cutting edge solutions designed to fit the unique needs of each project or purchase. We handle proven quality brands of materials and industry leading installers, wholesale products, delivery, property management.

Allied Roofing Goes Green (303)452-2822

Allied Doing It's Part!
Allied has implemented many "green" business practices that save money and help keep costs low for our customers.

How we are building Green and saving money:

-All waste materials are recycled (lower fees and shorter distances to travel as recycling centers are located within city limits while dumps are often 20 miles or more.
-Travel minimized for fuel efficiency (reduced trips to job sites saves time and money)
-85% paperless office (Saving time and money on postage, driving, equipment, ink etc.
-Centrally located office and suppliers
-Shipment pairing on special orders
-Locally manufactured products and equipment
-Soil and water conservation
-Organic landscaping & tree care
-Landscaping with native and drought tolerant plants, trees, flowers, shrubs

Recycle Materials

Roofing materials are recycled into roads and parking lots. All other materials including metal waste is recycled for our future generations.Continue reading....

Allied Technologies for the Future

Staying above the curve on both products and techniques, allied can offer energy savings on almost any project. Continue reading....